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内蒙古快三专家预测 Disputes are an inevitable part of business. Whether you are involved in a commercial dispute, in financial litigation, under investigation, or simply keen to protect your business and ensure full compliance, our international dispute resolution team can help. Whatever the situation, our top priority is always to get the right outcome for you.

We have over 140 partners heading up teams of dispute resolution lawyers experienced in everyday commercial disputes as well as specialists in international arbitration, compliance and investigation and financial litigation , working to solve our clients’ problems across all sectors and industries and in every part of our network.

Commercial disputes

We specialise in high value, high stakes, complex litigation, with a particular expertise in multi-jurisdictional disputes. With our depth of experience in every type of dispute, we are able to bring the necessary expertise to bear in any situation.

International arbitration

As international trade and foreign investment intensifies, so do disputes across borders. International arbitration is often the preferred dispute resolution mechanism for international business. Our team includes some of the best known and most experienced international arbitration practitioners across the globe, in a team that truly works cross-border on both common-law and civil law governed disputes.

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Compliance and investigations

There has been a paradigm shift in the way businesses are required to operate. Regulation is a feature of virtually every industry and is only increasing. Cross-border cooperation between regulators is commonplace. When a regulatory body launches an investigation, the stakes are high and you need the best advice possible. Our experienced team is there to help you through it. But you do not have to wait for an investigation to benefit from our services. Our legal advice also ensures that you are fully compliant and fully prepared. We can advise you on everything from managing the risks inherent in your organisation to preparing for dawn raids. If an investigation does strike, we will help you gather the facts, respond to the regulator and manage your reputation.

Financial litigation

Disputes involving financial institutions often require a sophisticated understanding of complex financial products, as well as an in-depth understanding of the way in which the financial markets operate. Our specialist financial litigation team advise on issues of every variety and complexity, in all the key financial markets in which we operate. In addition, we advise market participants under investigation by the financial regulators, helping them to navigate the best way through.

Our dispute resolution services

We act and advise on all of the following:

  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Anti-trust and follow on damages claims
  • Banking and financial markets disputes
  • Civil fraud
  • Class Actions
  • Commercial disputes
  • Compliance, investigations and corporate governance
  • Contractual disputes
  • Construction and real estate disputes
  • Customs and trade disputes
  • Freezing injunctions and search orders
  • Intellectual property disputes and enforcement
  • International arbitration
  • Investigations
  • IT and telecom disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Shareholder actions and company disputes.

Our recent experience includes advising:

  • Wahaha Group in a series of joint venture disputes with Danone in multiple jurisdictions including mainland China, USA, Sweden, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Italy and France. The amount in dispute exceeded €1.5 billion and was the largest and most complex Sino-foreign joint venture dispute since the establishment of the PRC
  • White Industries (an Australian manufacturer and investor in India) in its successful claim against the Republic of India arising from the India-Australia bilateral investment treaty
  • Marshall Capital in successfully defending, all the way to the English Supreme Court, a deceit/fraud claim brought by VTB with a value of US$350 million. This was a landmark ruling on the nature and scope of piercing the corporate veil as well as the issue of forum non conveniens
  • The major European tyre manufacturers in their follow-on litigation against synthetic rubber manufacturers in a case that influenced the development of law in competition litigation
  • The Highways Department of the Hong Kong Government in a complex arbitration involving claims on the Route 8 Lai Chi Kok Viaduct project. The claim value was more than HK$1 billion and there were hundreds of individual claims within the overall claim with many delay and design issues, including potential claims against the engineer
  • British Airways, as its Asia-Pacific counsel, in responding to the regulatory investigations and prosecutions of the air cargo price fixing cartel, and in the follow-on class action for damages in the Australian Federal Court.
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Want to know more? Read Crossing Borders, our thought-leading review of the latest developments in international arbitration.

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