Restructuring & Insolvency

彩经网吉林新快三: Restructuring & Insolvency

A full service restructuring & insolvency offering operating across international boundaries, providing a seamless service to clients in real time.

内蒙古快三专家预测 The restructuring and insolvency landscape calls upon advisors who understand and can operate in a cross border environment - particularly in the Asia-Pacific region where being connected across borders is critical to transacting quickly and effectively.

Clients tell us that KWM’s lawyers understand their business and the industry in a way unlike other law firms, and that our ability to work collaboratively across international boundaries, in real time, has helped them achieve better commercial outcomes.

Our international practice and presence has seen us securing a significant role in most major restructuring and distressed debt situations across the Asia-Pacific region. With our unprecedented level of exposure, our team has developed specialist skills which are up to date on the latest restructuring and insolvency techniques, to enable us to provide innovate and creative solutions tailored to our clients’ objectives.

In Australia, we are known for our ability to navigate multi-faceted and fast moving distressed situations, with our energetic and experienced team advising on restructuring & distressed investment, insolvency advice and insolvency litigation.

Our China and Hong Kong practices specialise in advising large SOEs, major global and PRC corporates, including listed companies, and financial institutions. Our Bankruptcy & Restructuring team also has rich experiences in carrying out complicated corporate restructuring business on behalf of multinational companies and financial institutions and representing investors in their acquisition of bankrupted and poorly-performed companies and debts.

Key matters include:

  • Arrium Group – advising the lenders on the administration and asset realisation process
  • Boart Longyear – advising the directors on the Group restructuring by scheme of arrangement
  • Beijing Huapu Industry Group Co., Ltd – advising the industry group connection with the purchase of certain non-performing loans and related collaterals from one of the largest Korean bank.
  • Masters – advising Woolworths Limited on the wind down
  • Paladin Energy – advising the company on its restructuring
  • Peabody – advising unsecured bondholders and various bidders following the Chapter 11 filing
  • Sainty Marine – advising the state-owned listed holding company on a complex reorganisation plan
  • Sinosteel Corporation – a significant restructuring in the Chinese market where we advised the committee of creditors

At an industry level we are connected to and play an active role in INSOL – the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals and the International Bar Association - the global voice of the legal profession.

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